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	"I need a camel that can go without water for at least three weeks,"
the American said to an Algerian camel merchant.  "Is it possible?"
	"All things are possible," replied the merchant.  He proceeded to
take a camel out of his barn and lead him to a tank of water.  After the
camel had drunk its fill and was about to lift its head out of the tank,
the merchant picked up two nearby bricks, one in each hand, stepped behind
the camel, and smacked his testicles with the bricks.
	The camel let out a gigantic "Whhoooosh!" and sucked up what seemed
like twenty more gallons of water.
	The American stared incredulously at the camel merchant.  "My God,
man!" he exclaimed, "doesn't that hurt?!"
	The merchant shrugged.  "Only if you get your thumbs in between the